The World. Myths of the Divine, Realities, and Awareness

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It is about inner freedom, crystal clarity of mind, and about everything that limits them. It challenges the long-established ways. The ways that have been holding so many people hostage. It provides a chance for awakening, change, freedom, love, life. It is about deep peace, harmony, and the conscious balance that are still possible on this planet and about things that can provide them. It is about the search for the true meaning and real freedom instead of blindly following imposed strategies.

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It is about understanding the long journey this person has made in order to achieve such performance. It is about acknowledgement of the many efforts this person has made. And if we assume that there is such thing as reincarnation, it means that those efforts have been made during many lifetimes, not just one. It is about respect for their efforts and their work. For their commitment and ambition. For their eagerness and yearning for creation.


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